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Here is what we know so far from Tuesday's reveal.

Here is what we know so far from Tuesday's reveal.

The unit comes with a non upgradeable 500GB Hard Drive, though an external drive can be used also.

No confirmation of an always on "internet connection" required.  Though to play games it looks as though an internet connection will be required.

Games costing £10 more than the current Gen in the UK

Games can be played on more than one console, though there will be a cost incurred, details still sketchy on this one.

The console looks fugly.

Games revealed include Forza Motorsport 5, Call of Duty Ghosts and a multitude of EA Sports titles.  No gameplay footage all mock-up videos shown.

RRP in the UK seems to be around £399.99 though this price may change.

BluRay confirmed

8GB of System RAM confirmed

Kinect Upgrade confirmed

No backwards compatibility with previous generation titles confirmed

Controller has 40 improvements, though looks a bit bigger and chunkier.

Second hand market is catered for though no real details provided. It may be that Microsoft has sewn up this area of the market as well with specific traders having the ability to trade second hand games or the ability to use an online service (run by Microsoft) for the trade.

Xbox live service will have 300,000 servers running the whole platform compared to 15,000 servers for the current platform.

Your current Xbox Live account will work with the new console.

Your gamerscore, points and friends list will all be accessible.

Console remembers your last session, so that you can pick up on a game / movie or TV programme with very little load time.

TV connectivity not clarified for UK market, though general concesus is that it will not be available at launch.

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