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Crysis 3 (360) Cert 18

Prophet you say..... now thats a novel name
Prophet a non-human cyborg that wears a snazzy nanosuit, which can do loads of impressive things. The single player campaign starts out with you being trained to take on the CELL corporation who have their base in New York.  For those that have played Crysis 2, then the city has changed and has become more akinned to mother nature, with streams, grassy knoles and vines hanging from the old road signs and traffic lights.
The graphics are really impressive for a console game, not as good as the PC Crysis graphics but still very good considering the console is now 6+ years old.The single player campaign is in two parts, first you take on the CELL in your stealth suit and then when you think you are winning and this is easy you start to battle the aliens "Ceph" who are a lot more devious and cunning than the CELL could ever be.
The action just keeps coming and the wide and varied weaponary that you get your hands on keeps the game feeling fresh.  You have the ability to integrate with the alien weaponry with devasting effect and some truly awesome firefights ensue.
This is a title that you will keep coming back, to see if you can achieve the goals in a different way.
The multiplayer has legs also, with a lot to be configured and unlocked and many modes to get your teeth in to.  Hunted being the most unique out of the bunch which sees a kind of hide and seek gameplay over 5 rounds.As always XP is earned per game and this then unlocks other weapons and upgrades abilities.  There appear to be 50 levels to achieve but whether there is some kind of re-up after this only time will tell.
The ability to cloak yourself for a short period of time adds a new dimension to the multiplayer and can easily turn the tide of a match.
Matchmaking in the game still leaves something left to be desired as new starters get put in to matches with much higher and experienced level players, though there are match classes when you first start out for players up to level 10, which is a welcome addition.
Controls can get a little bit confusing at time, when you are trying to add a silencer to your weapon and the response isn't as fast as you like, but all in all the layout is good and easy to understand.This is my first introduction to Crysis having not played the previous two, but in my defence I had a nice PC to play the original title on and Crytek sure know how to produce a great looking game, with great playability and best of all replay value.

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