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Sleeping Dogs (360) - cert 18

Into the Triads den
 You play Wei Shen an american recruited cop who is sent to infiltrate a Chinese Triad gang who turn out to be run by friends who you grew up with.
The initial gameplay starts out with you learning how to use the controls to run and fight. The starting missions are very scripted, I suppose to ease you in gently. After not too long, you are allowed to explore on your own. Missions are based on various different types some following the main story others enabling your character to level up and gain better skills and weapons. Nothing really new here.
Driving sequences seem rather disjointed with the annoyance of bad camera angles and juddery crashes. It seems that all you need to do is ram a tree to stop your vehicle dead. Somewhat unrealistic.
The fighting sequences are also too easy to win. All you need do is stand until one of your assailants turns red and then press the "Y" button to counter attack.  The takedowns also get rather boring once you have seen all the animation sequences.
Right now on to some positives.
The ability to pick on anyone in the streets and take them out aka Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row is pretty rewarding. The ability to side swipe cars and motorcyclists when driving and the animations that follow are also very rewarding to see.
The map is pretty large but not too large where you are trundling around for a long time to get to your next destination. Also, there hasn't been any Assassin Creed'esque missions where you go from one side of the map to the other to achieve your goal, which in my mind is most annoying and on a par with timed missions which can be infuriating. Again not seeing these within the game thus far.
Storyline so far has been pretty solid and easy to follow which is a welcome change from games like Skyrim which has you running around endlessly to achieve a task only to be killed at the last moment as your skills are not ranked up enough for the area of the map you are in.
I wouldn't say that Sleeping Dogs is worthy of a 9/10 like most games reviewers are giving it more a 7/10. I suppose as it is being classed as the first AAA title of the new gaming season hence nothing currently to compare this to.
Save your money and rent this title as the price will drop significantly once the true AAA titles start to arrive in their droves.

0/5 : Not rated

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